“As always with Flaharty’s creations, the whole assemblage is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, asserting her and her company once again as one of the most innovative forces in Hawaii today.” -- The Honolulu Advertiser

Originally premiered in 1995, the awe-inspiring ‘Worshiping Sun’ has been received again and again with sold-out houses. Majestic and viscerally provocative, this evening-length work in six highly distinctive sections celebrates solar imagery from across the globe, revealing light’s essence as a universal spiritual principle. “From the mesmerizing opening of dancers in priestly garb circling the stage in measured ecstasy, to the work’s culmination in blinding apotheosis, with the company resplendent in gold body paint, ‘Worshiping Sun’ takes the viewer on a journey from cosmic reaches to Earth and back out again.” (Honolulu Advertiser)