"Flaharty’s latest work, 'Electric Blue', has been stunning audiences on local beaches since December, 2005" Dance Magazine

"An explosion of visual effects, sound and media . . . an abundance of riches.
The lush, full-bodied movement of the dancers, the architectural structure of the choreography, and the poignancy and drama of the relationships are equally captivating." Carol Egan, Honolulu Advertiser

Electric Blue is a startling vision: a full-length theatrical production that reveals the role of water in human life as creator, inspiration and challenge. Throughout history, across cultures and languages, the water element flows through human experience. Electric Blue explores this mythic frontier with with delicious imagery and stunning aerial acrobatics.

A magical statement about the beauty, mythology, and future of our earth and oceans, ‘Electric Blue’ presents viewers with provocative messages amidst a setting of sand; which flows, flies, and drops on the dancers. IONA embraces techniques that test the realm of illusion in this boldly original and intelligently gripping multi-media production, enhancing the melody of the songs, sweetening the spontaneity of an intelligent script, and magically projecting audience members from the community beach performances onto giant screens.